It's easy, it's quick, it's near, it's your choice!

The Itella Parcel Shop provides high quality and excellent service in good locations. It is a convenient and safe way to receive and return parcels including domestic, international and outside EU.

There are already more than 1280 Itella Parcel Shops covering Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. They are located in convenient and popular shops, salons, kiosks and other service locations. Itella Parcel Shops are operated by our partners to service consumer customers.

For Business Customers

Does your web shop need a new, economic and easy way of delivery? Offer your clients parcel pick-up at Itella Parcel Shops.

Benefits for business clients:

  • Network of receiving points covers all Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland
  • Next day delivery from inbound gateway
  • Identification control of receiver PIN code
  • Full Track & Trace
  • Full Transparency
  • POD (Proof Of Delivery), Security PIN code
  • Insured up to 500 € per parcel;
  • Additional insurance available